Answered Prayers!!!

I just couldn’t believe that morning when Dad said we’re listing our house for SALE!!! I was extremely filled with excitement and couldn’t believe I was going to be a homesteader in Texas!!! Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to live in Texas, riding horses through the green pastures, and most of all, to be a TRUE Texan (Haha!!!) and to be close to the most wonderful friends…something that we just didn’t have in California!!! Months passed and we sold our house in California that was on 3 1/2 acres that had all my precious memories of homesteading for the first time on!!! Even until this day, I remember getting my very first horse (that I still have), getting goats, raising our first chickens, having cats, planting 100 fruit trees, growing a garden, and even trying to train a very troublesome pony, named Cupcake. She ALWAYS seemed to get into something… But now it was time to follow God’s plan for our lives and go and live in Texas which I dreamed of doing… We sold all of our animals, which was sad… But we kept my horse that I love so much, Precious, Lily our family dog, and my lil’ pug named Chubz!!! (He is the best little partner ever!!!) When we arrived, I felt like I was at home, and when I say HOME I mean, HOME!!! We stayed at our good friends, The Texas Boys’ ranch for 6 months living in our RV while we were searching for houses!!! And I must admit that living in a RV with a family of 7 was an experience that I’ll,(I think we ALL), will NEVER forget!!! Since we had no washing machine… we put one in the shed that The Texas Boys had on the property… I won’t forget those winter days when our clothes were ice cold and I could barely feel my own fingers and toes, and also those summer days when it was just really hot to be in a shed doing laundry!!! But it was SOOO wonderful to just know that I was actually in Texas…Even though it was hot or cold!!! And Oh My Soul!!! That smell of fresh green pastures…it made me want to just run for as long as I could run!!! And the pretty 25 acres we were staying at made me think I was in a dream!!! Oh yes, and those cold showers that we had in the RV was very interesting… So was washing dishes in that small sink!!! When it came to sleeping, it ended up like a BIG camp out every night and to tell you the truth, sometimes I miss those days in the RV… just the simple living made it the best memories that I’ll never forget!!! And I thank our good friends for letting us stay on their property, it was SUCH a blessing… As the fun months went by, the Lord richly blessed us with a house with 20 acres that is like seriously 10 seconds away from the property we were staying at!!! Another answer to prayer!!! Talk about an easy move, PRAISE THE LORD!!! We had most of our things in storage. The one thing I was most excited for was my piano that I hadn’t played for 6 months, but it seemed like forever!!! We had to repaint our house and redo some other things, but other than that it was awesome!!! We’ve been in our house for almost 6 months now, which makes it almost 1 year since we lived in Texas!!! And I feel very humbled to say that I couldn’t have planned out our move better than the way the LORD did for us!!! I’m so thankful that the Lord answered my prayer and dream of living in Texas and being able to spend my life strolling in the fields and ponds in this place I wanted to be in for years!!! I can’t thank the Lord enough for all the blessings he has given me, like a wonderful community, GREAT friends, and my dear family!!! And guess what?!?! This is just the beginning!!! I pray I can spend the rest of my years in the green pastures of Texas and enjoy the beauty around me… THANK YOU LORD!!! I pray y’all have a blessed day!!! Thank you for reading… And remember God REALLY does answer prayers… Lots of love ~Joy

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