Life As A YouTuber And Where It ALL Started…

It all started when I was a little girl begging my brothers to put on a “play” with me, and performing it for our parents… I would be like the “boss” of all we were going to say, do, and what part each of us was going to act out!!! LOL!!! Then a couple of years later, I started loving photography!!! I would mostly take pictures of our farm animals, flowers, sunsets, wild life, my brothers, and pretty much anything. But my favorite thing of all was to take pictures of horses!!! To me they are the most beautiful animals… with their long flowing tails, their mane which the sun always seemed to beam through, the way they gallop through the the tall green grass, and just the way the Lord made them… to me, is just AMAZING!!! Then the day came when we met TheTexasBoys, who had a Youtube channel, and it got my interest. As a family, and with ALL the help from Goober, we set up a Youtube channel. We called it, The CA Homestead Fam!!! And I was VERY excited about having a Youtube channel (more than anyone else in the family). It wasn’t my brothers’ kind of thing to want to film and edit videos, but to me it seemed very fun and exciting!!! So I guess you can say I “took over” the channel… I edited and filmed the videos!!! Then when we were moving to Texas, my brother Mark and Goober surprised me with changing the name of the Youtube channel from The Ca Homestead Fam, to The JOYful Life!!! It was such a wonderful surprise!!! I chose the name, The JOYful Life, not only because it has my name Joy in it, BUT because I truly know the Lord wants us to live a JOYFUL life!!! Psalm 16:11 says, Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore. And let me say, being a Youtuber is SO fun!!! However, it can get frustrating and overwhelming sometimes. I have learned over this year of being a Youtuber, to be a light for Jesus no matter what anyone says, film for an audience of one (which is the Lord), be yourself, remember it’s to be a blessing, and to just have fun with it!!! If you look at your Youtube channel like it’s a business, or you think you have to make a video and you can’t skip a couple days, it truly can get overwhelming… Just have fun with it, and that’s pretty much the key:) To tell y’all the truth, I still have a lot of learning to do, and I’ll always be learning something new!!! For instance, I don’t have that technical kind of brain… My mind can’t wrap around all those numbers and settings on cameras, LOL!!! And I don’t think I ever will, it’s just the way I work, haha!!! You don’t need anything fancy or expensive to start or have a channel. I started with just a simple camera and tripod. I still use my Mom’s cell phone for filming my music videos. Sometimes simple is better, and a lot less complicated… And y’all, I don’t know where the Lord is taking me with this Youtube Channel, or what He is going to do with it when I’m older. But as of right now, I really enjoy filming, taking pictures, and creating videos for y’all!!! We’ll see what the Lord has for me in this next year… I’m excited!!! SO, that’s pretty much it!!! I pray y’all are having a WONDERFULLY blessed day!!! Blessings ~Joy

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